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Book Of The Month

Swansea The Time Of Our Lives PayPal: Add Neath and Port Talbot Pictures from the Past to cart
Neath and Port Talbot Pictures from the past offers a fascinating photographic slice of life in the two towns through many decades.
It ensures that while its residents can look on in eager anticipation for what the future holds, they can also reflect on what has gone before. As those who have known and loved these towns turn its pages memories of those days are sure to come flooding back.
Many people will be familiar with the 15 previous books that have appeared in the consecutive years since the appearance of the first edition of this reflective series. They will know that each one has brought with it a fresh crop of fascinating images often revealing forgotten aspects of our past lives.
Just like the proud towns it mirrors, the book has gradually been evolving and its appearance this year may be seen to be a departure from what has gone before. Gone are the regimented chapters and date order, instead, the current harvest of pictures is presented in a more relaxed fashion offering a fresh surprise at the turn of every page.
Despite this, the amazing pictorial moments in time shared within the covers of Neath and Port Talbot Pictures from the past are as diverse as ever. Once again there will be few who cannot claim their own personal link with at least a handful of the crop of more than 350 photographs. They feature people, places, events and much more. They create an inimitable feel for the way we once were.
This is a book which will take you on an unbeatable excursion through the past decade and into the past century — even beyond that. It is one that is sure to revive many memories.
A great trip down memory lane