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Swansea The Time Of Our Lives

Amazingly Neath and Port Talbot Roll back the years is the 17th book that journalist turned publisher David Roberts has produced in as many years. Once again this eagerly awaited book draws together a fascinating miscellany of moments past in the two towns.

In keeping with the style of previous books many of the pictures have been shared by the town’s people themselves who more than ever seem to enjoy the opportunity to play their own individual part in the recording of the towns’ history.

Each year brings a fresh collection of photographs. Each one is a piece in the jigsaw of the past in Neath and Port Talbot. A former journalist, David has witnessed first hand many of the changes that feature in his books and is proud to play a part in making sure we never forget our roots.

Looking back at the way things once were can evoke feelings of nostalgia or moisten the eye, but  some photographs in this book, gathered from many different sources, may also raise an eyebrow at just how significantly change has imposed itself on these two landmark towns.

People and places are seen down through the years, all the time undergoing change. In their younger days, through school life and into work the people of Neath and Port Talbot can be seen through the generations. The places around them have been changing too. Change has not always been welcomed at first, but with the passing of time is accepted.

The harvest of images that has made this book possible — and indeed all those that have gone before — is a mix drawn from all walks of life, displaying people at work, rest and play. Once again there will be few who don’t spot a personal link with some of what is recorded here and which serves as a reminder of the way things once were.

Neath and Port Talbot Roll back the years is a superb addition to all those books in the series that have gone before. Collectors of the series won’t want to miss it and it is sure to solve a Christmas gift problem for many.

With around 350 images Neath and Port Talbot – Roll back the years, is case-bound, A4, mono and priced at £18.

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