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Book Of The Month

Swansea The Time Of Our Lives

As the images in this book slowly convey those who turn its pages on an individual and often very personal trip back in time, the wheels of change are rolling Swansea into the future faster than ever.

What has gone before has contributed to a colourful history. Interesting times, interesting places populated by interesting people, have all played their part down decades and generations alike. This series of books which has gathered many thousands of photographs from a great many inhabitants of the city will no doubt assist in the keeping alive of a proud memory.

Swansea has always been a city of change. Mostly by its own volition; sometimes at the hand of those from a foreign land; always with pride and when the cry ‘Who are we?’ goes up, the answer will loudly be ‘We are Swansea and proud of it.’ The city has grasped the early years of the 21st Century with both hands. Doing so has given it the confidence to take advantage of what is promised next: a £3.4 billion bay redevelopment plan; the redevelopment of the Civic Centre and the surrounding area; the Swansea Bay tidal lagoon scheme; changes to the city centre and lots more.

The spend has never been bigger. This means the element of change that alone will thrust upon the people and places that comprise this historic city will be almost unimaginable. Just a glance at the plans of architects and the impressions of artists is enough to prove that the Swansea of tomorrow will bear scant resemblance to that of today. There has always been change and because of its dockland and maritime heritage Swansea has always had something of a cosmopolitan atmosphere. That can be seen from the pictures in this book which have been drawn from many sources. It is the 20th to appear telling an incomparable tale of the way things once were.

Swansea — Echoes of the Past offers a catalogue of images, many of which have never been previously published. This book looks at all aspects of city life and doesn’t discriminate: rich and poor; young and old; photographs of the spectacular and others that some might consider mundane all join the dots to create a pictorial identikit. Many of the images in this book, like those showing Castle Gardens and the stores around it, will take the reader back to a time when for far different reasons Swansea was beginning to undergo an earlier transformation, one which many will still be familiar with. Following this came significant development of the 1970s and the decades that followed.

This book and its predecessor companion titles, combine to tell the story so far, the lead up to the exciting times that lay ahead and why Swansea will remain a proud city.

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