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Swansea The Time Of Our Lives

Slices of South Wales

Slices of South Wales will reunite its readers with many of the events that through time have thrust the region into the spotlight. People and places feature significantly too, in a fascinating full colour compendium of words and pictures recording everyday life and events that have had an impact down many years.

Slices of South Wales is no ordinary look back in time. Instead it unveils a fresh and vibrant approach to happenings that played a big part in the lives of all those who experienced them. For those who didn’t, the accounts of a rare mix of writers — some well known, others not so — offers a unique glimpse of how life was.

Alongside this, a selection of fascinating facts and items that were once a part of nearly everyone’s daily lives, lies waiting to be discovered. Anyone who has ever lived in or loved South Wales will discover that, as they turn the pages of this book, they will be whisked away on their very own special, magical mystery tour.

Although of serious intent Slices of South Wales presents its content in a manner akin to the children’s annuals of days gone by, but assembled with adults in mind; it is a magazine, but within the covers of a book; best of all it is the kind of publication that can be picked up and put down again at leisure. Most importantly it is as compilation that will be enjoyed by young

and old alike.

Turn the pages of this book and you will be whisked away on a magical trip back in time.

Don’t forget, Slices of South Wales is a superb anytime gift. Whether you select it for a birthday, for Christmas

or just to say thank you, it is sure to be appreciated.

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