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Swansea The Time Of Our Lives
Swansea – Simply the best!
Memories can manifest themselves in many ways as the variety of fascinating images in
Swansea – Simply the best! demonstrates. They capture much that has occurred down through the decades and evoke endless nostalgic thoughts.Few memories however will rival those, much closer in time, of the day when Swansea City became the first club in Wales to win promotion to football’s Premier League. The jubilant scenes and celebrations that followed are the stuff of pure nostalgia. Swansea – Simply the best! includes views of the Vetch Field, where it all started and some exciting moments from past encounters. It would be difficult to unearth anything else that has gripped the city in such a way or had such an impact, for some time. Alongside such a high profile event there are others, less significant perhaps, but which will be recalled just as fondly.
Alongside the successes, this year brought sad memories too. Not least the closure of Mumbles Pier for refurbishment and a transformation that will take it into the next century, along with much development around it. There are images of the pier within this book and they will serve as a reminder of how it was when the wraps eventually come off the new.
Swansea – Simply the best! is a compelling collection of fascinating images which reflect the city and its people at work, rest and play on their journey through many decades.
It is a must for every generation. A nostalgic look at an ever-changing community with 400 photos that say much about the way life once was.
This is a book that’s guaranteed to refresh the memory and there will be few who turn its pages who fail to find some link with their own life in the past.
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