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Swansea The Time Of Our Lives

When David Roberts set out to gather material for a pictorial nostalgia book on Swansea little did he realise that so successful would that first publication be it would signal the start of a long running series. Swansea — Memories are made of this, is the 18th book he has collated in as many years, something which is no mean achievement. In that time he has drawn together many thousands of images each one of which is an important piece in the fascinating jigsaw that is Swansea’s past. The enduring series is now a part of the city’s calendar and its annual arrival eagerly awaited. Nowhere else can claim such a continually growing, easily accessible guide to the way life once was in the community, but perhaps more importantly one to which everyone in the community can contribute. A former journalist, David has witnessed first hand many of the changes that feature in his books and is proud to play a part in making sure we never forget our roots.

Looking back at the way things once were can evoke feelings of nostalgia or moisten the eye, but  some photographs in this book, gathered from many different sources, may also raise an eyebrow at just how significantly change has imposed itself on this glorious seaside city.

Some images reveal that where once there was nothing now there stand markers for the future or conversely where once a familiar building stood now there is simply emptiness.

The people who fill its streets and suburbs; its schools and shopping centres are important too and those featured within will each have played their part in the social history of this bold and innovative hub.

There will be few unable to identify with some aspect of the record of the city that Swansea — Memories are made of this! offers. The pictures are likely to unleash a myriad of emotion, but they all contribute greatly to the recording of everyday life in a city determined to stay at the forefront in the 21st Century march for progress.

This book provides a fresh and fascinating collection of images that will be savoured by all those who leaf through its pages. It is a reflection of everyday Swansea to treasure.

Swansea – Memories are made of this! Is case-bound, A4, mono and priced at £18.

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