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Swansea Our City

Throughout its long and proud history Swansea appears to have consistently looked to the future. It has never been afraid to plan ahead for bigger and better things. It has never shied away from making decisions that, at the time, might seem controversial. As a result, it is always evolving and keeping pace. Turn the pages of Swansea Our City to discover how Wales’ super seaside city appeared before during and after some of these changes.

Today there is evidence right across the city that this evolution continues, not least the impressive gateway boulevard scheme which will help present a warmer, more impressive welcome to visitors. There are other locations too, where change and improvement is bringing benefits. Some may cause inconvenience in the short term but, as they say, no pain – no gain.

As this gradual development unfolds it is worth recording what has gone before and this book admirably carries on a tradition long established by its predecessors. Pictures from the past can come from many sources, but many of those absorbed by this unique series have come, most importantly perhaps, from the people themselves.

The resulting album, built up over what has now reached an amazing 16 consecutive

years contains in the region of 7,000 images. They add up to an incomparable record of the people and places that have been the bedrock of Swansea today. It is one which is easily accessible and will endure long into the future.

This book is a slice of life in the city down many decades. It ensures that while its residents can look on in eager anticipation for what the future holds, they can also be proud of what has gone before. In addition, as they turn its pages memories of those days are sure to come flooding back.